AVIS Testnet Pre-Access & Fotress Wallet Launch

Evanesco Team
3 min readAug 31, 2021


Dear Communities,

From August 31, community members who have already reserved mining nodes can connect to the AVIS testnet to participate in beforehand network synchronization and node debugging. The test functions of the testnet include mining, block generating and transferring. The historical test data will be cleared before the official launch of the AVIS testnet and official generating block on September 7.

Also, the Fortress Wallet has been launched today. Community members who have reserved mining nodes can directly create wallet and import wallet to check swapped AVS balance through Fortress https://eva.finance/

Bonus: From September 4, UTC 00:00 to September 7, community members who participate in AVIS testnet can receive AVS airdrop from EVA, and the reward amount of AVS will be distributed according to the amount of generating block accounts.

How to particiapate in AVIS testnet’s beforehand network synchronization and node debugging?

Click the link to learn more: https://github.com/Evanesco-Labs/miner/releases

Fortress Wallet Introduction

1、Log in wallet — Import Keystore file and enter password

Click ‘import Wallet’

Import through Private Key or Keystore File+Password

Note: Users who already swapped AVS through testnet entrance could directly import through command line Private Key or Keystore File with Password

2、Create Wallet

Click “Create Your First Privacy Wallet”

Enter Password and Click “Create”

Backup new Private Key and Keystore File (Please take care of your Private Key, Keystore file and Password)

3、Check wallet address and AVS balance

After successful logging in or create the wallet, you could check your Fortress Wallet address, swapped AVS balance and upcoming AVS balance from staked mining



Evanesco Team

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