EPOS Nodes Incentive Program

Evanesco Team
3 min readJul 16, 2023


To ensure the EVA network’s security, stability, and decentralization, the EVA team has developed the following EPOS node incentive program.


The EVA coin issuance cycle is 10 minutes; each block produces 2000 EVA Tokens. Therefore, 288,000 EVA Tokens will be generated each day as node incentives.

Based on the latest EVA 2.0 Tokenomics, the treasury will receive 20% of the total incentive, while the remaining 80% of tokens will be earned through consensus nodes and full nodes.

Consensus master nodes account for 18% of the remaining total, and consensus backup nodes account for 12% of the remaining total. Full nodes will receive 50% of the total incentive.

  • Phase One (Trial Run): 4 consensus master nodes and 7 backup nodes will be opened.
  • Phase Two: 5 consensus master nodes and 15 backup nodes will be opened.
  • Phase Three: 7 consensus master nodes and 21 backup nodes will be opened.

Full Node Staking:

  • Full node staking amount: 58,400 EVA Tokens per full node
  • Staking lock-up period: 30 days
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY) range: 60% to 90%

To maintain the security and stability of the chain, we have calculated that the highest revenue is achieved when there are around 1000 full nodes. Staking 58,400 EVA Tokens per full node will yield an annual percentage yield ranging from 60% to 90%.


R: the daily EVA income of a single staking of a full node.

N: the amount of full nodes

Consensus Node Staking:

  • Consensus master node staking amount: ≥ 550,000 EVA Tokens
  • Consensus backup node staking amount: ≥ 550,000 EVA Tokens
  • Staking lock-up period: 180 days
  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY) range: 90% to 110%

The basic rule for selecting nodes is to rank the staking amounts and then choose the consensus master and backup nodes. Rewards will be distributed based on the staking weight.

Consensus nodes are the core nodes of the network and are responsible for verifying and packing transactions. The annual percentage yield of consensus nodes will be between 90% and 110% to encourage active participation and contribution by nodes.

To ensure the stability of the consensus nodes, the consensus nodes will enter the observation period after startup. During this period, the EVA team will maintain the consensus nodes. When stable, it will be gradually opened to community staking.

Note: Users can choose any consensus node to stake once consensus nodes are open. Rewards will be distributed according to the staking ratio, with nodes staking more tokens receiving a higher percentage of rewards.

Direct Staking:

Direct staking of full nodes: Users can choose any full node to stake if they do not want to set up nodes. 30% of the staking rewards will belong to the hardware provider supporting the operation of the full node, while 70% will belong to the users of direct staking.



Evanesco Team

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