EVA 2.0 Tokenomics

Evanesco Team
3 min readJun 19, 2023


Coin Minting Cycle and Rewards

In the Evanesco network, the coin minting cycle is 10 minutes, with 2000 EVA Tokens produced per block. Therefore, 288,000 EVA Tokens will be generated each day as node incentives.

Halving Mechanism

As designed, the supply of EVA Tokens will be halved after 694 days. The next halving is expected to occur around November 26, 2023.

Node Incentive Model

Evanesco uses different incentive models to reward nodes with different roles, encouraging them to participate in network consensus and provide services. The following is a detailed explanation of the EPOS incentive model:

  • Full Nodes (50%): Full nodes will receive 50% of the total incentive. As participants who provide full node services, they will receive corresponding incentives to maintain the integrity and security of the network.
  • Consensus Nodes (30%): Consensus nodes will receive 30% of the total incentive.

Master Nodes (18%): Master nodes will be allocated 60% of the consensus node incentive, accounting for 18% of the remaining total.

Backup Nodes (12%): Backup nodes will be allocated 40% of the consensus node incentive, accounting for 12% of the remaining total.

  • Treasury (20%): The treasury will receive 20% of the total incentive. This part of the incentive will be used to support project development, community building, and other activities that promote ecosystem growth.

Through the above node incentive model, EVA encourages the participation of consensus nodes and full nodes, and provides corresponding rewards for them. At the same time, a certain proportion of the incentive is allocated to the treasury to support the long-term development of the project and the prosperity of the community.

The task of consensus nodes is to participate in network consensus, block production, and transaction verification. They will receive 30% of the remaining total as a reward, divided into master nodes and backup nodes.

Master nodes and backup nodes will be selected by staking before each cycle begins.

1. Master Nodes

Master nodes assume consensus responsibilities, perform block production and verification, and receive 18% of the total reward. Master nodes that cannot produce blocks normally due to abnormal reasons such as being offline will not receive revenue rewards and will have a portion of their staked amount deducted.

2. Backup Nodes

When the master node exits or unexpected situations occur, the backup node with the highest staked amount or online time will become the master node. Backup nodes can receive 12% of the total reward.

3. Full Nodes

Full nodes will receive 50% of the total allocated reward as a reward for their contribution to network security and stability. Full nodes need to remain online and correctly respond to network verification requests to receive rewards. Full nodes that fail to respond correctly multiple times will lose their rewards.

4. Treasury

The treasury is the institution in the Evanesco network responsible for fund management and project development. The treasury will receive 20% of the total allocated incentive as funds to support project development, promotion, and ecosystem building. The treasury’s funds will be managed and allocated by Evanesco community autonomy to ensure transparent and effective use of funds.

The operation of the treasury will follow the mechanism of community proposals and voting. Community members can propose suggestions for the use of funds and vote to decide the direction of fund allocation. This will ensure that the use of treasury funds conforms to the consensus and interests of the community.



Evanesco Team

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