EVA Announced Community Questionnaire

Evanesco Team
3 min readMay 17, 2022

Last month, we released a questionnaire to our community to further understand our communities‘ thoughts and concerns. Through this questionnaire, we received many valuable suggestions. The EVA team is very grateful for the communities’ feedback, and also we will post the Questionnaire results to you.
According to the Questionnaire results, the EVA team is working on optimizing the 2022 RoadMap. The new EVA marketing will be released at the proper time.

Q1: What if the EVA consensus algorithm add more POS portion to reduce releases and increase community engagement, any comments?

Not good we the miners already invested in

Ekibe güveniyorum..

Great idea

Delegated PoS because of its voting option or Proof of Capacity would be two alternate options for furthering engagement and adding physical computers to the network due to PoC using puzzles on hard disks.

I agree.

Sounds good.

don´t like

Need to go live with a few more large exchanges to raise awareness, no one is mining at the moment either, low returns

I would not mind this

Q2: Any feedbacks or suggestions as an EVA miner?

I personally prefer staking

I do not currently mine but may in the future. I have my EVA earning in Fortress.

One run many nodes how to make a program enter password automatic.

if the price go up .will it increase the difficult of make a node . because we need spend more money.

EVA miner was supposed to work with 3000 collateral for early miners, but it did not. I needed to upgrade to 6000. That should have been fullfilled as promised.

It is a have miner to run with little rewards this moment. I beleave it’s not smart to run a miner earn is the better way for now

i don´t have a miner

Need to go live with a few more large exchanges to raise awareness, no one is mining at the moment either, low returns

Q3: Any other questions?

Hi Evanesco ($eva) the project is really great. You have a project that has the potential to enter the top 100 in the crypto market. I want the team to be a little more active with investors on twitter and telegram channels. We are really weak in advertising, I know you must be thinking about it, but we want investors to be impatient and to have continuous advertising efforts 🤣 When will eva start working with better quality projects in her own network? We look forward to Mainnet 2.0 . Of course, we are curious about our ceo who presented this project to us in telegram channels, but you can edit it, we will both solve your questions and get to know our ceo a little more. I liken Eva to a newborn baby, we are just starting to crawl and everything will be great with evanesco. Best regards

We want to get to know the Eva team members.

By sharing the current situation with a YouTube video every month, the CEO can keep the communication with the community much stronger.

Could you briefly share the SWOT analysis of the Eva network?

We want Eva to be more active on social media.

What are your immediate plans for the development of the project?

Not at this time but I am always thinking so I will not doubt have one in the future. I really enjoy working with Evanesco in the Telegram account and will help any way possible.

Can we get a monthly AMA, live voice on telegram?

When listing on some other big exchanges?

When Moon :))

increasing burnrate..

Need to go live with a few more large exchanges to raise awareness, no one is mining at the moment either, low returns



Evanesco Team

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