EVA Fortress Pool V1 Public Beta Rules

Evanesco Team
1 min readJun 12, 2021


Registration For V1 starts on 6.13. Evanesco will select the top 100 registered users as the whitelisted seed users for the V1 public beta. If the whitelisted seed user suffers EVA losses due to V1 product bugs during the public beta period, Evanesco will pay total compensation.

Registration starts on 6.13, UTC 12:00 (UTC+8 20:00)

Registration link: link will be published in the official telegram group at 12:00 UTC (UTC+8 20:00) on 6.13

The V1 Fortress Pool will launch on 6.14, and public beta activity from 6.14–6.16.

After the public beta, EVA Fortress Pool V1’s official launch time will announce later. Currently, EVA Fortress Pool V1 provides several products for the community, which generally divide into Current Products and Fixed-Income Products. Please invest based on your risky judgment to obtain the benefits from EVA Token. Once the investment expires, if you do not withdraw in 12 hours, the staked EVA and revenue EVA will automatically be transferred to the Current Product. For Current Products, you can make withdrawals at any time.

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