EVA Monthly Report(2022 July)

Evanesco Team
Aug 1, 2022

Technology & Product

DAPP Layer


Launched Fortress V4.


Developing Fortress vault based on Zero-Knowledge proof


Working on the EVA computing platform

Developing EVA2.0 POS architecture

Market Dynamics

7.19 EVA released Fortress V4

EVA mainnet has successfully deployed compatibility on MetaMask. Fortress also Allows directly interacting with Fortress (such as Pay $EVA, EVA Bridge, Earn, Borrow, Stake Mining, etc.) through MetaMask wallet.

7.22 EVA held Discord Activity-Find Hidden Words with $USDT150 bonus

EVA Discord held an activity 🔍Find 10 Hidden Words during ⏰UTC 6:00AM-9:00AM, July 22(Friday) with 💰$USDT150 rewards.



Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.