EVA x Metauce AMA Recap

Dear EVANESCO community:

We recently held an AMA with our first Grant GameFi Project — Metauce Mar 2th in our official telegram group, focusing on questions about Metauce.

Here is the AMA Recap


AMA with EVA partners Metauce starts now. The group will be unmuted later for EVA members to ask questions.

📍AMA Rules📍

  • Only questions related to Metauce will be eligible for reward.
  • 4–5 live questions will be answered and rewarded

Welcome today guest @AndyOO1

Hey Andy @AndyOO1

Hi, Amber @Amberrl very glad to be here

Would you like to introduce Metauce to our community?


let’s enjoy metauce video first

Metauce is a new generation P2E game with galaxy explorer and mining. Simply put, players can mine diverse assets like $MINES tokens through Trucks NFT and Treasure Lands NFT.

Metauce vision is to rebuild entrances of Metaverse asset offering and communal construction with people who enjoy earning while playing.

@Amberrl you know that everyone is talking about #Metaverse

p2e gaming?

am i correct?

yep, not only p2e , i will talk more in the following questions

You guys here can explore more trucks and lands

Via this link https://metauce.org/MetisGame/#/Play

Let’s start today’s questions!

that’s the first and most important Q

Firstly, we learned that Evanesco has been stably running for nearly 2 years and invested in by many investment institutions.

And, Metauce, as GameFi, requires high-frequency transactions in the blockchain. Therefore, Metauce needs a public chain with stable, fast, and low gas fees. According to our research and tests, Evanesco’s privacy chain has fully met our requirements and exceeded our expectations.

More, EVA has the Multi-Chain Bridge function, better supporting Metauce’s multi-chain plan. So far, EVA owns more than 7,000 computing nodes, and EVA layer0 will strongly support the Metauce running.

One thing is most important to our players, EVA mainnet requires a pretty low gas fee (only a few pennies) which is super friendly to our players.


In the field of GamePlay, Metauce is an open multi-universe game. Players are supposed to explore and compete for resources in the Sci-Fi game world.

Metauce V1 is an initial version that allows players to amass a fortune and collect potential abilities by collecting MINES

Metauce V2 will involve Planet Field and Planet Hegemony. Each player has one unique opportunity to protect their domain and travel to other galaxies to explore and trade through wormhole shuttles.

Only the strongest players will be listed on the Honor Roll in the game.

Take a look at our starship.

Metauce provides interactivity to efficient revenue for our community by inviting new players to accumulate mining power and combine Game, Guild, and Community.

Woohoo I haven’t seen this in your webiste. Is a new one?

yep, coming soon in the 1v1 battle game

Here’s our mainnet invitation codes rules.

Community members are supposed to participate in IGO to gain initial investment income and invest in projects with the Metauce Fund on Metauce, also join in DAO governance.


Got it, We have been asked this question a lot

We agree with CryptoMines’ remarkable attempts in GameFi.

Based on a commercial standpoint, CryptoMines success. CryptoMines’ Product Features and GamePlays are worth learning for other GameFi projects

However, a logical error existed. Metauce has innovated, inherited, and developed CryptoMines a lot

There are 5 innovations Metauce has

1. Our game system is not Oracle-based to avoid big price movements. When users mint NFTs in Metauce, they trade in MINES instead of USDT.

2. Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism. Once the assets of the reward pool are lower than the risk threshold, the risk-control contract will be triggered to reduce the risk of the reward pool.

3. Increase NFTs liquidity. Metauce has a synthesis mechanism.

BTW, NFT synthesis coming soon

4. IGO’s revenue and investment will be proportionally returned to the reward pool, forming a positive flow.

5.No private sale. Total 10% for public offering won’t result in institutional smashing. We have done the successful IDO sales on Netswap.io


i see let’s move on next question

Metauce as an extensible GameFi Metaverse aggregation platform that includes P2E(Play to Earn ) , P2O(Play to Offering), P2S(Play to Social), P2I(Play to Invest ).

IGO belongs to Metauce’s P2O (Play to Offering) module.

Initial players are able to purchase $MINES at an extremely low price and gain test $MINES through gameplay.

Initial players also have more chances to upgrade medal level through accumulating mining power. The medal level will directly affect the IGO quota, share ratio, and Metauce Fund’s investment proportion.

Let’s see the KEY FEATURES of Metauce IGO

1. Providing effective participants by increasing the difficulty threshold of bots and scientists to reduce panic selling.

2. Providing community members supporting at an early stage.

3. The project props will displace Metauce’s NFTs to increase liquidity.

4. In Metauce’s DAO governance, we not only work for launching projects but also incubate projects with users so that community members can invest in the early stage.


i see, can we join IGO?

All $MINES holders can join

the final question, aslo @R3ddakdevil ‘s question

Contract of Metauce on the EVA chain will be announced at March 4th

at that time, you will see the Metauce Token $MINES’ contract address,

and Metauce will update the P2E guide of EVA mainnet.

EVA team will display the contract on the eva explorer asap https://explorer.evanesco.org/#/index


could you plz answer one more question from our community?

yup, most of our onlines players care about this a lot, and they ask me about that frequently these days

First, as Metauce and EVA annouced that expecting Metauce to land in EVA mainnet on March 4th.

After that, the EVA players can experience P2E as the same as Metauce Andromeda mainnet.

Players can switch networks to EVA mainnet by ‘one-click’.

Also will support all existing players to swap their $MINES, Treasure Lands, and Trucks on Metis to EVA.

For bridge, Metis cross-chain bridge is under construction to support players to swap between EVA $MINES and Metis $MINES.

All details will be announced later.


Let’s go to the second part!

The community members will have 2 minutes to speak freely and ask any questions.

-Only questions related to Metauce and their products will be eligible for reward.

-Spamming and flooding are not allowed in the live segment.

-Answered questions will be answered and rewarded.

sure, first you can enjoy Metauce P2E to mining $MINES,and once you update your medals, you can gain more allocations from Metauce IGO, that means you can invest in the early stage of IGO projects and then gain profits

https://metauce.org/MetauceWhitepaperV0.6.pdf sir, you can check out our whitepaper about Metauce Tokenomics

Next time, we will have more promotions like youtube video, and cooperating more deeply with Guide , like LGG https://twitter.com/LaborGuildGames ,and more activities on Metauce. EVA guys also suggested the twitter space, i think it’s another good promoting channel

you can $MINES on Netswap now, here’s the link https://netswap.io/#/swap , and our MINES contract address on Metis Mainnet is 0xe9aa15a067b010a4078909bade54f0c6abcbb852

cool! thanks @AndyOO1 and great to have you with us today.

Contact Metauce


Discord: https://discord.gg/5c9CP6AuWs

Telegram: https://t.me/metauce



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