Evanesco Accelerates the Integration of Solana Ecosystem, and Launches the Multi-chain and Full Privacy Ecological Platform Strategy

As the only Layer 0 network protocol platform in the web3 ecosystem, Evanesco announced that it will build the Layer 0 network infrastructure for Solana ecosystem, provide a highly secure, highly reliable, and flexible network protocol family for Solana ecological applications, and protect the security of Solana ecological DeFi traffic entrances. In the future, developers will be able to directly call the native privacy network protocol library, build an independent peer-to-peer network layer or directly access Evanesco’s Layer0 network to obtain secure network routing and GPU computing services.

As a fast and secure new blockchain platform, Solana has increasingly become a new choice for encryption ecological development and application deployment. Evanesco believes that Solana’s ecological integration is a good start, and hopes to achieve a multi-chain and full privacy ecological platform strategy by combining multiple public chain infrastructures and expanding account asset liquidity.

The multi-chain and full privacy ecological platform strategy

Evanesco’s miner network has powerful network bandwidth and computing resources, which can provide secure network routing and GPU computing capabilities on the basis of ensuring the secure communication of EVA network. EVA hopes to integrate the network infrastructures of external public chains, so that developers of various crypto ecosystems can build a secure and configurable peer-to-peer network just like calling TCP/IP.

Through the customized layer0 network basic settings, EVA is interconnected with the bottom layer network protocols of each ecosystem, so that external nodes can easily call the resources of EVA bottom layer miners. Thus, it has the possibility of obtaining unlimited network expansion capabilities, and also allows EVA network miners to have the ability to serve the external ecosystem and get more network incentives.

EVA will also provide private asset expansion accounts for various public chain ecosystems. By converting digital assets into private assets, the liquidity of each public chain will be imported into the private liquidity pool for DeFi applications, which not only can allow the user’s LP funds and income become private data, but also the predictability and reliability of DeFi behavior can be achieved. So as to make private financial activities is becoming Pex as a Service.


Evanesco has registered for the @Solana Season Hackathon and are planning to launch WhiteNoise For Solana during the event!

Watch the code https://github.com/Evanesco-Labs/WhiteNoise-For-Sol

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Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.