Evanesco Biweekly Report (5.24-6.7)

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3 min readJun 10, 2021


Technology & Products


Evanesco related Technical & Product Progress

1. Web3 Grant test network self-test completed and be open-source soon and will launch general test activities soon.

2. The Rust version privacy protocol client has completed the final self-test and debug; and will formally submit the Web 3 Foundation Grant to achieve the milestone node of the Grant.

3. The new entry “Layer 0” on EVA’s official website has initially completed the design and development work and will be launched soon.

Market Dynamics

5.19 Evanesco & Pacific

On May 19, Evanesco Joined Community AMA with Pacific about the theme: Evanesco explored how to play INO-NFT rights card with Pacific and launched an active discussion.

5.21 Evanesco & Solana

Evanesco is starting a multi-chain complete privacy ecological platform strategy. Evanesco will build the Layer0 network infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem, which provides a highly secure, highly reliable, and flexible network protocol family for Solana ecological applications to protect Solana ecological DeFi traffic entrances.

5.24 Evanesco & Apron Network

Evanesco announced that it had reached in-depth strategic cooperation with the Apron Network decentralized infrastructure service network platform. Evanesco will use layer0 as core privacy protocol technology to provide better privacy and security solution for the Apron Network decentralized infrastructure service network platform.

5.27 Evanesco & Mars Finance

Justin, the head of Evanesco’s global community, was invited to participate in the Polkadot Parachain slot auction jointly initiated by Mars Finance and discussed which forces in Polkadot’s ecology are ready for development.

Justin said, “For Evanesco, it will further promote the implementation of the EVA multi-chain privacy platform strategy. We will combine the para chain cross-chain interoperability mechanism and the multi-chain privacy protocol SDK to give a complete privacy solution for other para chain projects.”

5.31 EVA Token completes SlowMist Security audit

The SlowMist security team received the Eva team’s application for the security audit of the Eva smart contract on May 10, 2021. The SlowMist Security Team is responsible for this audit. Details and results of the smart contract security audit are as follows:

Thirteen security performance tests, including replay attacks, denial of service attacks, conditional competition attacks, variable declarations, and application domain audits, were tested. The audit results were all passed, and there is no risk in the comprehensive evaluation of contracts.

6.2 Evanesco in the Blockchain Summit

On June 2, Evanesco joined the 2021 TIDED Wave Blockchain Industry Impact Summit. Andrew, the Product Director of Evanesco, said at the roundtable — Blockchain privacy computing track: privacy, technology, and value that the underlying technical advantage of the EVA multi-hop protocol laver0 is that it is like a dynamic moat, which can empower areas. Various scenarios of blockchain.

6.6 Evanesco ITO Round 1

On June 6, the Evanesco ITO Round 1 (Initial Twitter Offering) officially opened at 12:00 UTC and completed subscriptions of 3.3 million EVA within 11s.

6.7 Evanesco ITO Round 2

on June 7, the Evanesco ITO Round 2 (Initial Twitter Offering ) officially opened at 12:00 UTC. 6.6 million EVA subscriptions have been successfully launched and officially ended at 12:00 UTC on June 8.

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Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.