Evanesco Biweekly Report (By the end of 9.30)

Technology & Product

Dapp Layer:


1. Fortress launches the ‘Transfer’ and ‘Transaction Record’ function, which supports AVIS testnet users to AVS transfer and check transaction records;

2. The ‘AVS Swap EVA’ of the Fortress Swap module is under development, and expect launch the function on 10.8;

3. Fortress completes users’ feedbacks, and starts the first phase of user experience optimization.

Middleware Layer:

1. The development of the fort vault based on Zero Knowledge Proof is under progress;

2. The privacy agreement middleware completes part of the architecture design;


1. The second round of the AVIS testnet was successfully launched, and the block was generated at 0:00 UTC on September 22;

2. On September 26, the blocking reward increased from 500 to 1,000;

3. The EVA explorer has completed user experience feedback collection and demand sorting, and starting the first phase of user experience optimization;

4. The EVA WhiteNoise privacy network protocol has completed the official technical acceptance of Web3 and will inherit the EVA Layer0 network infrastructure.

Market Dynamics

9.19 Evanesco x CoinMarketCap launched Airdrop activity

Evanesco started a 15-day airdrop activity at 4:00 on 19/09 UTC and prepared activity fund worth 50,000 USDT for the community.

More details: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/evanesco-network/airdrop/

9.23 Evanesco provides AVS rewards to members who successfully generating blocks during the testnet (9.4–9.7)

From September 4th to September 7th, nearly 3,000 nodes participated in network synchronization and debugging in advance. The actual effective 266 nodes from 3000 nodes who successfully generating blocks can get about 216,000 AVS rewards, and the rewards are distributed according to the number of blocks produced by the actual account. Evanesco completed the reward placement on the 23rd.

9.23 Evanesco AVIS testnet will increase block rewards and expand test scale

Evanesco increased blocking rewards for AVIS testnet to reward and encourage members and expand the test scale.

Evanesco’s AVIS testnet blocking rewards will increase from 500 AVS per block to 1000 AVS per block starting from September 26 UTC 4:00.

Since the AVIS testnet starts on September 7, generating blocks normally and the iterative development of underlayer is under smooth progress. Increasing the block reward will further expand the test coverage and test scale and help the subsequent mainnet transition.

The maximum blocking rewards will be 2000EVA per block.

9.26 Evanesco AVIS testnet officially increases blocking rewards

Starting at 4:00 on September 26, the Evanesco AVIS testnet blocking reward was officially increased from 500AVS to 1000AVS, and the community test users were notified to update the full node program to complete the consistent synchronization of the AVIS test network.

9.26 Fortress launches ‘Transfer’ and ‘Transaction Record’ functions

Fortress wallet has launched a new ‘Transfer’ and ‘Transaction Record’ functions. Users can transfer AVS between users and view detailed transaction records.

9.28 Evanesco x Gate conducts Subscription rewards

Evanesco x Gate has a free subscription reward. The event time: September 28, 10:00–18:00, the total subscription amount is 33841792 U

9.28 Evanesco x MEXC conducts Subscription rewards

Evanesco x MEXC, free subscription reward. The event time: September 28th 04:00-September 28th 09:50 (UTC). The subscription target completed 57821.73%, the total subscription amount is 69386078.75 U

9.28 Evanesco officially listed on BabySwap (BSC)

Evanesco officially listed on BabySwap’s Farm, Snack Pool, and Trade Mining sections, and opened Stake EVA-USDT to get Baby, Stake Baby to get EVA

BSC BEP-20 EVA contract address: 0x7c439f550bacd3aa592114878201e612dade93fc

9.28 Evanesco Global Community Leader Justine joined in MEXC’s AMA

Evanesco Global Community Leader Justine participated in the MEXC AMA event and announced the upcoming MEXC exchange listing.

Justine said: Traditional blockchain transactions are carried out on the open network, and transaction broadcasting through the anonymous network in the Internet also has a certain degree of centralization risk. The stability of the network depends entirely on the operation of the external network. Different blockchains have different network basic layers, which separate network resources such as bandwidth and computing power, and become network islands.

The EVA Layer0 network protocol enables nodes running the protocol to share their own network bandwidth, computing power and other resources to obtain incentives. These nodes provide a unified communication and resource access layer for upper applications at the bottom of the link, hide user access locations at the link layer, and encrypt and protect transaction data at the same time, so that data content cannot be peeked, which is a multi-chain ecosystem for intercommunication and resources. Sharing provides a decentralized, flexible and secure network infrastructure, making multi-chain ecology possible from the perspective of infrastructure.

9.28 Evanesco officially listed on MXC and Gateio

On September 28, at 12:00 UTC, EVA officially listed on MEXC and Gateio.

9.29 Evanesco Network announced complete all milestones of the Web3 Foundation Grant project

Evanesco thrilled to announce that Evanesco (EVA) has completed all its Web3 Foundation Grant milestones, creating the WhiteNoise RPC for Substrate! As a multi-chain privacy ecological platform, EVA hopes to bring security and low fees encrypted assets liquidity to Web3. Thanks to all committee members for their continuous support and guidance. Now we are closer to providing secure network infrastructure for the encryption ecosystem.




Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.

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Evanesco Team

Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.

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