Evanesco Fortress Pool’s RoadMap

Evanesco Team
1 min readJun 11, 2021


As part of Evanesco’s privacy financial ecology, Fortress Pool will provide services to community members soon. Welcome everyone to improve the construction of EVA’s privacy ecology. The detailed rules will announce soon, please stay tuned.

The Fortress Pool has three stages.

V1. Fortress Pool

The Fortress Pool is launched and will provide liquidity products based on EVA token. The V1 Fortress Pool will launch on 6.14, and public beta activity from 6.14–6.16.

V2. Privacy Fortress Pool (2021Q3)

After completing the XVcore privacy algorithm contract, Evanesco will upgrade the V1 Fortress Pool. Use unique security and privacy encryption algorithms to invest in contract construction, and will also be deployed to the multi-ecological V2 Fortress Pool.

V3. Privacy Ecological Pool (2021Q4)

Evanesco will use EVA’s SDK base on the Fortress Pool to provide privacy asset protection and support cross-chain and multi-chain asset account privacy and transaction privacy. Community members will jointly build the EVA privacy ecology and provide middleware of the privacy ecology for other Defi.

At the same time, the eco-project bounty program and developer competition will start.

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Evanesco Team

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