Evanesco ITO Date & Whitelist Campaign Rules

Timeline Overview

12th of May, UTC 12:00 Mask Network will make official snapshots

17th of May , UTC 12:00 Two Rounds ITO Whitelists will both stop at this time, and then announce whitelist & collect users’ appeal or feedback

19th of May, UTC 12:00 confirmed ITO whitelist

20th of May UTC 12:00 ITO 1st Round Starting time

21th of May UTC 12:00 ITO 2nd Round Starting time

27th of May UTC 4:00 Unlock time for ITO 1st Round & 2nd Round

Users who meet the criteria of 1st Round can also participate in 2nd Round, but those who have grabbed the whitelist in 1st Round cannot participate in the 2nd Round

All users participating in the ITO whitelist campaign will be listed in the Eva Foundation’s June airdrop plan

Evanesco ITO Whitelist Rules

ITO 1st Round , start at 20th of May UTC 12:00

Facing Mask Communtiy and EVA Community contributors

Amount: 3.3 million EVA

Price: 0.03$

Max buying amount (single address): 800 USDT (ERC20)

Tokens available to swap: ETH; MASK; USDT

The exchanging unit price of ETH & MASK is determined by the price on the day that the contract is launched

Whitelist requirements (only need to meet one of them)

1)Before 12th of May UTC 12:00, Snapshot MASK holders, hold more than 200 MASK(Mask Network will carry out the snapshot officially by itself, and the address on the chain is required, and the exchange address is invalid)

follow and retweet EVA’s announcement twitter about ITO Date and whitelist rules( https://twitter.com/evanescoio/status/1391043806481453056)

join EVA’s official Telegram group chat(https://t.me/EvanescoIO)

Please note: MASK numbers adjust from 50 to 200, which is a passive adjustment strategy that prevents evil robots from preempting and allows more community users to participate in ITO.

2) Community events: 15 ITO whitelist positions (already generated by chinese community activity )

3) Social Media: follow and retweet EVA’s announcement twitter about ITO Date and whitelist rules; Refer your friends (e.g. 5 or above 5 ) to join the official Telegram group chat by unique inviting link

Invitation form: reply /url to get the unique invitation link in the official telegram group, share this link with your friends and click to join; reply /count to get the number of users currently invited. Please note: Invited friends must be in the telegram group, withdrawn or kicked out, statistics are calculated as invalid.


ITO 1st round form submission link:


ITO 2nd Round, Start at 21th of May UTC 12:00

Facing all EVA communities

Amount:6.6 million EVA


Max buying amount (single address)::400 USDT (ERC20)

Tokens available to swap: USDT

Requirement: Follow EVA Twitter (@evanescoio), and retweet the event tweet about ITO Date and whitelist rules(https://twitter.com/evanescoio/status/1391043806481453056), join the official Telegram group chat(https://t.me/EvanescoIO)

ITO 2nd Round form submission link:




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Evanesco Team

Evanesco Team


Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.