Evanesco ITO Participation Tutorial

Step 1

If you want to participate in Evanesco ITO, you must have been added into Evanesco ITO whitelist. Check the links about Round 1st & Round 2nd Whitelist. More ITO details, you can also check Latest Announcement of Evanesco ITO Date

Evanesco ITO Round 1st whitelist view link:

Evanesco ITO Round 2nd whitelist view link:

Step 2

Installation & Set up Mask Network plugin

Visit mask.io , click “Install” on the right upper corner

Choose the platform you want to install

This guide will demonstrate with Google Chrome browser, Also recommend Google Chrome browser

Click “Add Extension,” the download should begin automatically

Click “Get Started” and Enter your name

Click “Connect to twitter.com” to connect & The webpage will redirect you to your Twitter homepage, click “Connect”, and then twitter connection will be done!

Step 3

Set up wallet

Mask will automatically create a new wallet address for new users.

Click the Blue Mask Icon on the top right corner. → Click “Enter Dashboard” → Click “Wallet” to view your wallet. Remember to back it up.

Mask supports importing other wallets.


Again, Click the blue smiley face on the top right corner. → Click “Enter Dashboard”. → Click “Wallet”.→ Click the existing wallet address. → Click “Change” to connect with your daily wallet. (Now supports “MetaMask” and “ WalletConnect” , Recommend MetaMask wallet for EVA ITO subscription.)


Search $XXX in Twitter. → Click “Swap🔥”. → Click the existing wallet address. → Click “Change” to connect with your daily wallet.

Step 4

Participate in ITO

Find the ITO tweet (This tweet will be released by the time that each round of ITO begins) on Twitter (@evanescoio) . And EVA team will share the ITO tweet in official telegram group ASAP

Click “Enter” to participate.

Review the “Swap Reminder” carefully.

Click “I understand”.

Click “Continue”.

example of Mask Network ITO tweet

Enter the amount of $MASK you want to swap (a maximum of 2000 $MASK for per address in each round) and Click “Unlock”.

Confirm your transaction & After the transaction is confirmed, you will see the success page!

Step 5

Claim your token, mask network as example

Note: unlock Time for EVA ITO Round 1st & Round 2nd, both on 15th of June UTC 12:00(100% unlock rate, one-time unlock), after that time, you can claim EVA through below methods

1)Click “Mask Network” on the left side of the page & Click “Claim” in the pop-up menu and pop-up window

2) The transaction will automatically begin, you will see a confirmation window once the transaction is confirmed

Note: All screenshots are from Mask Network



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Evanesco Team

Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.