Evanesco Monthly Report (2022 Feb)

Technology & Product

DAPP Layer


  1. Multi-chain bridge architecture design
  2. Upgrade to compatible with Metis Andromeda Mainnet


The Fortress Vault based on Zero-Knowledge Proof is testing and checking user Live Environment


  1. EVA mainnet 2.0 consensus and governance version still in process and will go testing phase soon
  2. EVA Computing Platform completed basic architecture design

Market Dynamics

2.5 EVA released EVA computing platform’s architecture

2.23 EVA released new strategies

EVA announced that EVA is going to support Web3 and GameFi applications in the future.

2.25 EVA announced the 1st GameFi Grant project — Metauce

EVA will support the Metauce multi-chain GameFi plan with high velocity, low lag and Fee. Also, EVA will bring a smoother and higher ROI experience for all players.

3.1 EVA announced that the First GameFi project — Metauce will come in one week



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