Evanesco Recap & Prospect


Recently,The Evanesco team held some theme meetings, including community developments, technology developments, product iteration, and future strategy. Evanesco team reviewed the project’s launching, the financing process, multi-chain strategy, ITO, and ecological development plan during the meeting. Evanesco team also discussed the focus of the next phase: Officially launch the testnet mining strategy.

Evanesco’s CEO, Zhe, emphasized at the meeting that ‘EVA’s original intention has been deeply supported and recognized by EVA community, industry capitals and privacy track peers; this pushes our team to devote more enthusiasm and focus to the next stage of work. The EVA team will focus on building a community-based Layer 0 network infrastructure, so the testnet launching becomes a significant milestone for EVA.’

Evanesco’s Prospect

Since the successful launching of the Evanesco project, the EVA community and many mining teams have been paying close attention to the progress of the EVA mining business. In order to get users involved in the construction of testnet mining nodes faster, the EVA team decided to prioritize launching the testnet mining.

EVA team will release the testnet introduction and mining tutorial on the EVA official website soon. Users can mine the EVA native token of the testnet according to the tutorials. It is worth mentioning that many mining teams have provided valuable suggestions for EVA mining incentive model.

In order to keep EVA’s decentralized governance, EVA team is formulating an economic model that is more suits the mining ecology and provides better incentives for EVA testnet users.

Evanesco Recap

April 2021 — EVA completed financing with 24 investment institutions, which including AU21, FBG Capital, Krypital Group, NGC Ventures, and OKEx Blockdream Ventures.

May 2021 — EVA released the multi-chain strategy. EVA, as a multi-chain privacy ecological platform, hopes to bring a security and low-fee data network routing to the field of encrypted assets, including Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum, and BSC, through the integration of Layer0 multi-chain network infrastructure and expand liquidity and then accelerate the development and application of Defi.

June 2021-EVA completed ITO Public Sales. The participant number of the ITO whitelist compaign was approximate 300,000, also completed the subscription in just 11 seconds for the first round of ITO. Then EVA Token officially launched on Uniswap, which provided EVA liquidity support for Fortress Products and ITO community users early.

July 2021- EVA team released ecological overview and Q3 milestone. The EVA ecological overview clearly shows the EVA team’s plans for the Dapp Layer, Middleware Layer and Underlayer. Also, EVA formulates the tech & product tasks which need to be completed in Q3 2021, including Fortress V2 and EVA testnet.

In terms of Evanesco’s core technology development, the testnet of EVA mainnet Alpha testnet has successfully integrated the Layer 0 network. The Alpha testnet is also under steady development. Recently, many senior blockchain developers have joined the EVA technical team, which accelerate the Alpha testnet. Also, the privacy account system, privacy protocol, Fortress Wallet SDK, and Fortress Pool in EVA Middleware ecosystem, are accelerating implementation.

Dapp Layer of Evanesco: Fortress products will continue to iterate and improve. EVA will launch more products to enhance functions and asset protection, for instance, Lending, Wallets and asset privacy. In addition, Evanesce will provide safe and stable privacy Dapp for users of EVA community and who care about upper layer echelon of privacy racetrack applications.

So far, the total EVA staking amount of Fortress is 6,696,630.8682 , and the total EVA income obtained by users through staking is 814,843.0278.

Evanesco’s Telegram community (Community members 11,000) and Twitter (Followers 13,000) rapidly grew out of nothing under Evanesco’s CMO, Andre Lee’s and Global Community Leader, Justine’s manage. Then, Evanesco will organize more community activities around Fortress, EVA testnet and mining business.



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Evanesco Team

Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.