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4 min readSep 18, 2021


Fortress ‘Swap’ function and ‘Lending’ function have been launched. Users only need to pay a small amount of AVS as an interest to complete lending through the ‘Lending’ function in Fortress. Once successful lending, users will automatically complete the node staking of the lending address and directly participate in AVIS testnet mining. The second-round of AVIS testnet generating blocks time is 0:00 UTC on September 22.

Fortress Swap

Fortress has supported swap ERC20 EVA to AVIS testnet token -AVS in 1:1 ratio through cross-chain. The following is the tutorial for the ‘Swap’ function.

Step One: Purchase EVA through Uniswap if you do not own ERC20 EVA. (EVA Token will list on BSC soon, please stay tuned.)

Step Two: Create or Import Fortress Wallet through Fortress

Step Three: Swap EVA to AVS through Fortress Wallte’s ‘Swap’ function, and then check Fortress Wallet Balance after successfully swapping.

Fortress Lending — Lending mining

Borrow AVS through the ‘Borrow’ function in Fortress’s Lending. And automatically complete stake mining of node’s address through the contract.

Go ‘Borrow’ page and select the Borrow Product. Users only need to pay Interest and Gas Fee, and enter the receiving Miner’s address to complete the Borrow process. After completed Borrow, Miner’s address will automatically become a mining node and participate in mining.

Note: One mining node needs to stake 3000 AVS, so please borrow 3000 AVS for each loan or multiples of 3000 AVS .

Once completed Borrow, please check ‘Borrow Record’ on the Lending page. Also, users can click ‘Borrow Stake Record’ in Stake Mining to review stake records.

Users can participate in mining and receive rewards from generating blocks by providing equipment and miner’s address. (Note: Due to the EVA mining algorithm, it is no guarantee that you can get AVS rewards immediately when you participate in mining. The block rewards are random.)

AVIS testnet mining tutorial:

Mining Node Program Link:

Full Node Program Link:

Fortress Lending — Supply $EVA to gain interest

Users can provide liquidity to the Fortress Lending Pool and gain income through the’ Supply’ function.

Staked mining Restart!

Once successfully Swap AVS through Fortress’s ‘Swap’, users directly stake mining through the ‘Fortress staked mining’ module.

There are unlimited mining nodes for second round, users can choose staked time according to own needs, which are 3-month and 6-month. Come and participate! ! !


  • One node has only one Fortress Wallet address. If you would like to choose more nodes, please do not enter duplicate addresses.
  • When entering multiple Fortress Wallets addresses, please separate with’,’ (half-width comma)
  • Please keep the numbers of selected nodes and imported Fortress Wallet addresses same.

Introduction of AVIS testnet

AVIS testnet allows all AVS holders to become mining nodes through staking AVS. As an open network, all EVA’s community members can run as mining nodes or full nodes, and users can test functions on AVS like generating blocks, block synchronization, and transfer. The test token AVS generated by mining can be exchanged to EVA in a 1:1 ratio, and the ‘Exchange’ function will soon launch on Fortress.



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