Fortress V2.1 Introduction

Fortress V2.1 adopts a new fortress design style, which will provide unbeatable asset protection for EVA supporters.

Fortress V2.1optimizes the user experience and continues the staking products of V1, including Current Products and Fixed-Income Products. At the same time, add Allocation and Repurchase functions. See the introduction below for details.

Fortress V2.1 access link:

The current products are divided into CURRENT (APY 103%), 7-DAY Deposited (APY 121%), 14-DAY Deposited (APY 167%), 28-DAY Deposited (APY 313%) and the welfare products Pop-up Bonus products (APY 800%) specially provided for the community. You can invest according to your needs.

Total Allocation: Each product limits the total amount of staking. Once the pledge allocation is full, it cannot be staked anymore.

Once the product expires, users can choose to withdraw or repurchase according to needs.

Repurchase: After the purchased product expires, users can repurchase the product according to needs. Users can directly repurchase the existing product to reduce gas fee.

Fortress wallet will provide asset privacy protection.


1. Please use Chrome explore and Meta Mask wallet to invest; other explores and wallets are temporarily incompatible. EVA will open more explorers and wallets adaptation support in the future.

2. Once the fixed-income investment expires, you will continue to get the APY income as current products. Or you can withdraw/repurchase at any time.

3. You could continue to access Fortress V1 through the link: If you have not withdrawn V1 EVA assets, V1’s EVA assets will always be safely retained(which means the EVA team will not automatically transfer your V1 EVA assets to V2). You also can go to the home page of V2 via Fortress V2 link:, and click “Switch to Fortress V1” to enter V1.

To thank the community for supporting EVA and Fortress, EVA team will launch Fortress V2.1, and Pop-up Bonus will be available simultaneously!

Pop-up Bonus is the welfare of Fortress V2.1. It has a limited activity allocation of 200k, staked APY up to 800%, and the activity time is 8.6–8.8 (Pop-up Bonus products will no longer be available from 8.9). Limited capacity! ! ! First come, first served! ! ! Check details of Bonus in Fortress V2.1product list.

Note: Pop-up Bonus welfare product is 3-DAY Deposited. After expiration, you can choose to withdraw or purchase other products!

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.