Fortress V4 is Here

Evanesco Team
4 min readJul 19, 2022


Evanesco Fortress V4 comes to the EVA communities as expected. Connect MetaMask to login Fortress, no more import keyfile or private keys are needed. EVA team has optimized V3 according to communities’ demand, and a better Fortress is always along with our communities.

Detailed upgrade:

  1. EVA mainnet has successfully deployed compatibility on MetaMask. Users can import the Fortress wallet’s privacy key into MetaMask under the EVA network, which supports sending&receiving $EVA, checking transaction records, and exporting Private Key through the MetaMask EVA mainnet.
  2. Allows directly interacting with Fortress (such as Pay $EVA, EVA Bridge, Earn, Borrow, Stake Mining, etc.) through MetaMask wallet.

Before start V4:

Step One

Add MetaMask extension into Chrome, then quickly add EVA network by searching ‘EVANESCO’ in

Step Two

Export ‘Private Key’ or ‘Keyfile’ through Fortress V3.

For instance, click ‘Export Private Key’ in V3 -Wallet Setting to export Private Key

Copy the exported Private Key, and then import into MetaMask.

Note: MUST under Evanesco Mainnet.

MetaMask EVA Mainnet Token will be determined the same as V3 wallet balance once successfully importing Private Key.

Start using V4

Step One

Visit Fortress . Click ‘Connect’ to initial MetaMask signature (under EVA network).

Step Two

After completing the Metamask connection, you can use EVA assets on Metamask to interact with Fortress, including Bridge, Earn, Borrow, Stake Mining, etc.

Note: the Bridge, Borrow, and Stake Mining functions in V4 are the same as in V3, only the pay method have been changed.

Now Metamask can support the transactions, no more importing a wallet file or private key. Also, V4’s Bridge function is the same as V3’s Swap function.

👇🏻Bridge Tutorial

👇🏻Earn, Borrow, Stake Mining Tutorial:

Step Three:

Be careful that V4 does not provide EVA mainnet Asset Management (Sending, Receiving, and Transaction Records). V4 users can directly manage EVA mainnet assets and export Private Key through MetaMask.

Users are more convenient to manage multi-chain $EVA (EVA Mainnet Token, EVA ERC20 Token, EVA BEP20 Token) through MetaMask Web3 wallet.

👇🏻EVA Mainnet Token On Metamask.

👇🏻EVA ERC20 Token On Metamask

👇🏻EVA BNB BEP20 Token On Metamask

Note: We still keep Fortress V3 entrance for users who would like to keep using V3.



Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.