What’s the EPOS?

Evanesco Team
2 min readJun 1, 2023

Over the past two years, Evanesco has been constantly pushing towards Web3, adhering to its original vision. Evanesco is now taking further steps to enhance decentralization and security.

In the recent phase, Evanesco will be upgrading its consensus protocol by adopting the Evanesco POS (EPOS) consensus algorithm, which involves the use of POS and a privacy network’s topology structure. This upgrade will make Evanesco’s main network governance more decentralized and community-driven. The main network will also increase security and scalability.

In the EPOS consensus mechanism, a new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism will be adopted, which consists of both consensus nodes and full nodes. The nodes participating in the consensus will ultimately be determined by the community network nodes with higher participation levels to authenticate block rights and transactions, and in the process of operating the main network, supervise and govern the nodes that provide network services for the privacy network to reward and validate.

Consensus nodes are divided into main nodes and backup nodes. The core participants, the main nodes, are responsible for verifying transactions, creating blocks, and maintaining network consensus. Consensus backup nodes are responsible for data backup and network fault tolerance, ensuring the system’s availability and stability.

Full nodes not only participate in the entire blockchain network but also propagate blocks and participate in network governance decisions.

With this complete EPOS consensus design, the EVA team will provide the community with secure, efficient, and trustworthy communication networks and privacy solutions.

The EPOS consensus algorithm is a significant upgrade for Evanesco. It will provide a more secure and decentralized network while maintaining scalability. The community-driven governance model and the implementation of EPOS will ensure that Evanesco’s main network governance is more inclusive and transparent.

EVA team is confident that this consensus upgrade will enhance the user experience, ensuring that the Evanesco network remains at the forefront of the blockchain industry.



Evanesco Team

Evanesco(EVA) is a unique financial protocol platform in the Web3 ecosystem that combines Layer0 network infrastructure with a private computing framework.