When do we start mining on AVIS Testnet ?

What is the AVIS network?

AVIS is the beforehand testnet of EVA mainnet. Community members can follow the rules of joining the AVIS network to participate in the network operation as a network node of AVIS. AVIS provides a complete chain network function based on the GPow algorithm. Community members can experience the application scenarios of EVA such as block generation, block synchronization, and accounts. In order to encourage EVA’s community members to join AVIS network nodes’ construction, the AVIS network will reward AVS tokens to the successful miner and provide a ‘1:1 exchange between AVS and ERC20 EVA in the upcoming latest Fortress.

Pre-access AVIS

The fire-new network deployment and public testing must be a new adventure as the first launch of EVA experimental code. EVA development team sets a pre-access launch plan to ensure the smooth operation of the cold boot and reduce unpredictable risks of the AVIS network. The pre-access of the AVIS network sets a 15-day cycle for 500 nodes. Community members participate in the AVIS testnet node running and mining by staking EVA in advance. The accounts that have successfully obtained pre-access qualifications can gain long-term mining qualifications, including smoothly transfer to mainnet nodes staking. The mining cycle of pre-access on the AVIS testnet is 10 minutes, and reward 500 EVA each time. The estimated total output of the 500 nodes in 15 days is 1,080,000 AVS. Averagely, each node can get 2160 AVS.

After the pre-access stage of the AVIS network, the AVIS network will gradually open network scale with the response of public testing until the AVIS network is entirely open for testing.

Output, Stake and Unbonded

The output of the AVIS network is a quarter of the EVA mainnet. After launching the EVA mainnet, the outputs will become four times of AVIS. At this time, The amount of EVA will adjust automatically according to an algorithm that linearly matches the output and circulation. The number change in staked EVAs would not invalidate the staked qualification of testnet users, and they still own mainnet node mining qualifications. This is the advantage of testnet users joining node mining, and users can become nodes of testnet and mainnet through staking little amounts.

For the 500 nodes of pre-access AVIS, each node needs a stake of 3000 EVA for a 6-month bond. The accounts will be unbonded after the bond period, and users can retrieve staked EVA.

After AVIS fully open the testnet, the staked bond period is 3 months. Once the staking bond is valid, the account will always own the mining qualifications, even after launching the mainnet. When community members participate in staking, each ETH account can be associated with up to 10 AVIS test network node addresses.

One month after the launching of AVIS, the generated AVS can be freely exchanged to ERC20 EVA.

Recommended mining configuration parameter

The official recommended configuration parameter:

Mining Node: single-core 2Ghz CPU, 4G memory, 10G hard disk, 10Mbps bandwidth.
Mining Node Program:https://github.com/Evanesco-Labs/miner

Full Node: single-core 2Ghz CPU, 4G memory, at least 100 G hard disk, 10Mbps bandwidth.
Full Node Program : https://github.com/Evanesco-Labs/go-evanesco

Standard PCs or laptops can meet the mining needs of the AVIS testnet.

EVA officially does not provide or sell any specified mining equipment.

The AVIS mining program is here: https://github.com/Evanesco-Labs/miner

Participation Flowchart of AVIS testnet

What will we do next step?

After the pre-access stage of the AVIS testnet, more nodes will be released for EVA community. In order to allow users to participate in AVIS network at a lower cost, Evanesco team will launch clear loan products to obtain node qualifications easily. Please stay tuned.

Estimated time of EVA official testnet entrance, and stake EVA to become a network node: August 27, 2021

Estimated time for the official launch of node mining on the AVIS testnet: September 7, 2021



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